The Redskins Should Give Alex Smith A Lifetime Contract For Any Amount Of Money He Chooses

The Alex Smith documentary just aired on ESPN. It was a quick hour, running through his time in Utah and San Fran in the first 30 minutes, and then his injury in the last 30 minutes. And man, I don't know what to say, besides just watch it. Figure out when they are re-airing it and DVR it. It's unbelievable. His leg injury was so bad and all he did was fight. He almost lost not just his leg but his life, and all he did was battle. It's inspiring, a tear-jerker, and makes you respect Alex Smith and his wife so, so much. What an unbelievable person he is.

And I'm always reminded of this video, a year after his injury:

He's out in the cold helping Haskins get better just because he wants to be. He didn't have to be there. Not on a cold November day with a last place Redskins team. But that's who Alex Smith is. He did the same with Mahomes in Kansas City. 

And it's not just the QBs:

The Skins should just hand Alex Smith a blank check every January 1st. Keep him in the building at all costs. Let him do whatever job he wants. Coaching, mentoring, GM'ing, whatever. Honestly Dan Snyder should just gift him the entire franchise. I want him around the Redskins forever. You don't let someone like him go. He still has a few years left on his contract and he has become sort of Snyder's right hand man, so it's actually possible he's around for a long time to come. Let us pray.