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Jose Canseco's Daughter Is Now Dating Logan Paul

Big news in the YouTube world, which also relates back to the sports world. I know a lot of stoolies want the SPORTS put back into Barstool Sports, so we are going to do that today. 

Logan is not a, but THE YouTube star. Dating him is like dating LeBron or Brady in a YouTube sense. This is big news for Jose Canseco's daughter's brand and (I assume) love life. Josie is already a pretty big star, with over 625k followers on Instagram:

Gotta wonder how Jose feels about this whole thing? Everything has been real quiet on the Jose Canseco front for a decent amount of time now. I can't remember the last time he was in the news? I just went to his Twitter feed expecting some serious takes on coronavirus, but nope, nothing. The last thing I can remember was the story when Jose accused his ex-wife (Josie's mother) of being with A-Rod, while A-Rod was with J-Lo:

That was a wild night on Twitter. 

Josie's mother seems to be doing just fine:

Talk about phenomenal genetics. (Side note: I love how she hashtagged her name #JessicaCanseco. The way old people use Instagram is so funny sometimes).