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This App That EPL Teams Might Use Letting Fans Sitting At Home Boo Through The Stadium Is AWESOME And A Must Have

[Source] - German tech company hack-CARE have developed a mobile phone app, MyApplause, that is reportedly under consideration by Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Each supporter will be asked to input the team they are supporting to help create the feel of home advantage inside the ground.

Two Bundesliga clubs have tested the technology already and it may feature in the German game's return later this month

I know this is specific due to coronavirus and the fact that we're likely getting Premier League starting up without fans. But, I need this at all times. The idea of going to games as I've gotten older isn't as nice as sitting at home to watch games. Obviously that's not the case if you have AWESOME seats - on the wood, in a box, etc. But if you're just sitting in the common man seats, if it's not a big game, sitting at home is the play.

Why? You have everything right there. You're comfortable sitting in your recliner or sofa. You have your own beer or liquor - literally whatever you want to drink. You don't have to get in a fight. No need to have a head on a swivel if you're sitting on your recliner. 

Now that said, there's nothing and I mean nothing better than hitting someone with a solid boo. It's a great feeling. You get it from the cockles of your heart. You find your target and you let out a hearty boo. I'm talking one of those boos that drag on. Other people are joining in. Booing is as American as baseball! It belongs in sports. 

I need this to catch on. Shit, even if there are fans in the stadium, this needs to be used. I'd love to sit at home and boo the shit out of someone by hitting a button over and over again. They need to find a way to make sure it's only for the home team though. Make it as realistic as possible.