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Is Calling The CEO A “Bitch” A Smart Way To Get Job At Barstool Sports?

The question that I posed which most folks would assume is rhetorical in nature is actually a touch more difficult to navigate than it appears at first glance.

There’s essentially two schools of thought about this type of approach. 

1. You stand out. Like the people who send rap auditions or pizza box resumes, you have the ability to separate yourself from a crowd and I’m not talkin about social distancing, folks. You want people to see your true self. Authenticity matters. Mask off. Fuck it. Mask off. Percocets and molly and whathaveyou.

But, Future also knows and expounds on the notion that one should chase a cheque but never chase OR write “bitch.” Mixed messages from the esteemed gentleman from Georgia? That’s not for me to decide. I’m not the boss; I’m just a boss. (Push) 

Sure. It might be smarter to include your skill set or what we call a “sizzle reel” in the biz If you’re trying to get a job here but that’s up for you to decide. Ultimately, getting noticed is all that matters and that tweet has some good engagement so people noticed. 

2. Absolutely not. What in the fuck is wrong with you?