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If You Need a KBO Team to Root for, the Lotte Giants Have the Best Promotional Song in Baseball and a Ton of Swag

With the KBO being the only live sports on television — ESPN acquired the rights to broadcast the Korean league, which began its 2020 season yesterday — everybody seems to be picking a team and hopping on board. Jared is all in on the LG Twins and Marty has decided he's rocking with the NC Dinos — who do actually have the best mascot in the league in Swole Daddy the dinosaur.

But I'm riding with the Lotte Giants, due largely to the bop linked above. I'm a sucker for a good jingle. I was washing my hands long before anybody else to ward off coronavirus thanks to this Vietnamese PSA, which is still the song of the summer as far as I'm concerned.

I have no idea what is being said in the Giants' song, but I'm guessing it's talking about how many dingers Jeon Jun Woo is going to smack this season and how he has the sweetest bat flip in the damn league. I mean look at the swagger on this guy.

We're 1-0 after our convincing 7-2 Opening Day victory over the hapless KT Wiz. I look forward to watching many more 2 a.m. wins throughout the season and playing our victory song after each one.

Go Giants.