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This Vietnamese Coronavirus PSA Song Is an Absolute BANGER

Coronavirus is all the rage these days. It's all anybody can talk about. John Oliver spent 20 minutes discussing it on the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight," as he is wont to do on the week's hottest topic.

It was during that 20 minutes that Oliver introduced America to the greatest song about a virus ever written, Ghen Cô Vy. The song comes to us from Vietnam and acts as a public service announcement of sorts, essentially just telling people to wash their hands.

However, it does so in a truly chart-topping manner.

I'm not being at all facetious when I say I have listened to this song a dozen times and it gets better each one. I can't stop. If I was pressed to say what my favorite song is right now, I would honestly say Ghen Cô Vy edges out Can't Go to Church by Mitchell Tenpenny. This Vietnamese hand-washing PSA is actually my favorite song.

This song is so popular in Asia right now that it has spawned a viral TikTok dance being performed by people all over the continent, which Oliver expertly mimicked on his show.

The best song available right now is a Vietnamese Coronavirus public service announcement. Change my mind.