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BREAKING: Coach Gus Duggerton Wins Rose Bowl, Accepts HC Job At Texas Tech

What. A. Night. 

There is plenty to unpack, so let's start chronologically with a Rose Bowl recap. After getting totally snubbed by the BCS system over the weekend, USC Offensive Coordinator Gus Duggerton accepted his Rose Bowl invite in an unhappy manner. But at the end of the day, it is still The Granddaddy of Them All.

Things started off easy for Coach Duggs and the Trojans. Like, really, really easy.

And then, Coach Duggs flirted with disaster as the game continued. Once up by 22, it became a one possession game in the blink of an eye.

The Trojans continued with the "bend, but don't break" strategy and eventually came out on top in Pasadena.

So, with the 2015 season in the books, it was officially time to begin Chapter Four of the Coach Duggs experience. Would he stay or would he go?  Well, he made the first part of that question very clear right off the bat.

No matter what happened from here, it would officially be four schools in four years for Gus Duggerton. The only difference this time around? Coach Duggs wasn't going to settle for anything other than a Power Five Head Coaching job. That made decisions like USF, UCF (sorry Blake), and even Minnesota quick declines.

And then came the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The moment this Big 12 school offered him, Coach Duggs did not even hesitate. He signed the contract on the spot.

There you have it, folks. Get ready for points, points, and more points in this Big 12 offense. Oh yeah, not to mention all of this with a guy named PATRICK MAHOMES under center.

It all starts Wednesday night against... UCLA. Yup, the same UCLA team that denied Coach Duggs a chance to play for a National Championship at USC last season.

It's a revenge game unlike any other. And Coach Duggs will be ready.