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Kris Jenkins Called Out Mikal Bridges For Losing The 2017 Tournament Game To Wisconsin And We Got An ALL-TIME Jalen Brunson Reaction

So last night we had Nova's 2016 and 2018 teams together for this virtual game between the two for charity. Personally, this game shouldn't be that close. The 2018 team is the 3rd best team of the decade and would be favored by at least 5 against 2016. Not saying the 2016 team wasn't special, just that how ridiculously good the 2018 team was. 

But in between those two titles was this: 

Nova as a No. 1 seed losing in the second round again. That was the knock on Nova before that 2016 title. They lost twice in a row as a top-2 seed before the Sweet 16. As you can see, Mikal Bridges gave us baseline with Nigel Hayes hitting him with the Steve Smith move. 

Honestly, I love it. Kris Jenkins can say whatever he wants considering he did this 

Seems like fair is fair. You hit a buzzer-beater for the national championship, you can talk whatever shit you want - even if you sucked against Wisconsin too. Brunson, who started on both teams and was the NPOY in 2018, had an all-time reaction though. The best part is he had a bit of a Collinsworth slide back into the screen when Jenkins said this: 

Simply dumbfounded that Jenkins would roast Bridges like that. Need more of this stuff to happen.