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Wild Video Of A Murder Hornet Attacking The Shit Out Of A Mouse (Warning: Do not watch if you are squeamish)

Source - What appears to be an Asian "murder" hornet took a mouse's life within seconds in a wild struggle that was captured on video ... seemingly proving how deadly these things are.

This video just resurfaced this week and is spreading in light of the news that the deadly version of these insects from across the world has touched down in our own backyard here in North America in the past few months.

The video: 

*Do not watch if you are squeamish*

A new influx of hornets from Asia -- which have NOT been seen here in the States until recently -- pose a massive risk to our domestic bee population, not to mention humans. With them roaming the wild ... much of the natural order of the animal kingdom is in danger

My God. Tough day for the Murder Hornet community. Whoever is doing their PR should be fired. First Coley blogged them, then Big T, then Clem today...

and now me. Not to mention CNN, The Post and ABC News all ran stories on these little bastards. And you know what? I'm glad they did because after watching that footage we need to raise all the awareness about just how dangerous these things are. I mean what do you even do if you're attacked? Scream? There's nothing you can do other than hope you're not allergic to the venom. I guess this is just another reason to stay inside the house and quarantine. No need to go out with Murder Hornets and coronavirus lurking around. Stay safe out there, friends.