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You Know Those Murder Hornets That Have Arrived In The US That Everybody Is Talking About? Well Here's A Video Of A Guy Getting Stung By One To Show How Painful It Is (SPOILER: Very Painful!)

For those that missed the awesome news from over the weekend:

You know what? I am going to go on the record that I would rather NOT have a Murder Hornet sting/potentially murder my ass. If that makes me a bitch or a snowflake or whatever insults people are slinging around these days, fine. But whenever a nature host wearing an Indiana Jones hat named Coyote that gets paid to wander the wilderness and willfully gets stung by venomous creatures says its one of the worst experiences he's ever had, I'm going to say as fat blogger that only leaves his house for errands or emergencies would deal with it significantly worse.

I mean look at that aftermath:

That's not so bad. Actually wait...


Yup, I'm going to make sure I avoid Murder Hornets as much as I'm avoiding COVID-19 after seeing this guy's arms/hands looking like Before Quarantine and After Quarantine pictures.

I have always kept this handy chart on me ever since I blogged a bee vs. a wasp deathmatch back in 2017:

Well here is an updated version of it now that we live in 2020, the year of death and bullshit: