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Arkansas AD Says College Football Season Will Begin On-Time

The good news regarding college football continues rolling in. Friday, University of Alabama president Stuart Bell said he expects there to be a college football season this fall as planned. Now, University of Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek said essentially the same time, even going one step further and saying he intends to have Week 1 be Week 1.

Obviously, I think there's something to be said for the fact that most of the good news seems to be coming from the South and schools with the most vested interest in having these games, but it's good news nonetheless. People with this much pull don't go on record with statements like this unless they're pretty confident in them.

Maybe we end up with the most SEC of all scenarios, with the rest of the Power Five not holding a season in the fall and the SEC goes full fuck-it and holds an intra-conference season. As a matter of fact, i think this sounds like a swell idea. For one year only, an all-SEC season would be electric.

But obviously we're all hoping for the college football season we had planned on. Luckily, it appears there are at least several people in positions of power who seem optimistic that is going to happen.