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Sports! The KBO and ESPN Have Reached An Agreement To Broadcast One Baseball Game a Day Live From Korea

Hey look at ESPN coming to their senses for a change! Turns out you can't just gain the broadcasting rights to a pro sports league for free. Regardless, we're here and getting one KBO game a day.  I don't know about you guys, but I plan on watching the shit out of this. We've got live baseball coming to our televisions. I'll take anything I can get at this point. For Christ's sake I'm getting hyped up every Sunday for a documentary about a team that played 25 years ago. I'm not trying to disparage 'The Last Dance' because it's been fantastic, but current sports would be nice. I'm desperate for anything that's live action. Until Major League Baseball gets cooking again in late June/early July (hopefully) this will work as a place holder. 

The day games start at 1:00 am eastern with night games getting going at 5:30 am. My sleep schedule is still pretty fucked and I've had trouble passing out before 3am most nights so this is right in my wheel house.

They've even got the ESPN guys calling the games! Ravech, Sciambi, Perez, Peterson. I like it! Saturday and Sunday night I guess I'll binge a TV show or something instead. 

Here's a quick crash course on MLB equivalent teams.  

At the very least let's all hope this works so it can be used as a gauge for how things will go in the U.S.