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Please Enjoy This Montage Of Baby Yoda's Waddle For May The 4th

Happy May the 4th!

Have I blogged this Baby Yoda waddle montage before? Yep! You betcha. Will that stop me from blogging it on Star Wars Day? Nope. No way. It's so adorable I can't imagine not watching it every time it pops up on your radar! I mean just look at that little guy!

Oh, and for those asking - I feel the same way about Star Wars Day as Buddha Ben does 4/20...

I love it. Of course I love it. I celebrate every day. Today is about OTHERS coming around to celebrate this galaxy far, far away.

There's a new 'Mandalorian' documentary on Disney+ today, along with the final episode of 'The Clone Wars' ever (which completely knocked it outta the park) as well, and 'The Rise of Skywalker' finally hit the streaming service, so you've got plenty of fresh content to do your celebratin with! Have fun!