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Machine Gun Kelly And His Neighbors Are Spending Quarantine At War Seth Rogen-Zac Efron Style

Machine Gun Kelly had himself a nice little Friday. First he dropped the first song of his upcoming rock album, which honestly is pretty fire (end of the blog). He bought take out lunch for all Cleveland residents at 12 popular restaurants while also donating 40,000 meals to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Pretty fucking cool move. And he got into a war with his neighbors which emulates what Seth Rogen and Zac Efron went through in their 2014 comedy 'Neighbors.' Quite a bit of a Friday if you ask me. 

It looks like MGK found out his neighbors all hate him the same way we all do, through one of their popular podcasts obviously. Jeff Lewis, who is known for his Bravo show 'Flipping Out,' lives across the street and has brought up Machine Gun Kelly and all of his latest shenanigans on his show Jeff Lewis Live. WE'VE GOT A NEIGHBORS WAR!!!

MGK just turned 30 recently and has been celebrating a bit naturally. 30 is a big number for all of us so you can imagine Machine Gun Kelly went overboard with the partying. You get a glimpse of what Lewis was talking about on his podcast in this video.  

First off, there's no way that Dom made it across the street on that skateboard in the first video right? That thing certainly did not have enough speed to get where it needed to go. 

Secondly, I had no idea this dude's name was Colson. Only guy I've ever encountered in real or fake life with that name is Phil Coulson from the Avengers movies. No wonder he went so extreme with the stage name. 

And yeah they're assholes for sure, but drinking at 5pm is certainly not against the law. In fact that's usually the time people start drinking when their work day concludes. Now Machine Gun Kelly isn't going to a normal 9-5 desk job and trying to blow off some steam, but I see no problem with some 5:00 drinking especially when the world is ending. I thought initially they were saying 5am, but 5pm is a non-issue here. Did the neighbors mention a giant guitar cake? Good heavens not a guitar cake!

Now is parking in front of other people's driveways cool? Of course not, that's plenty enough to cause an all out war. We saw it first hand with KFC last fall. Jeff has made it clear he has nothing against Machine Gun Kelly, but every neighbor keeps blaming him for the parking fuck ups which is kind of hilarious. Cops are too afraid to confront MGK so they're just putting it all on the dude from Bravo. His explanation for why they don't know how to park is pretty funny. 

"I think they're so fucked up that they just stop the car where it lands"

All and all it looks like they've formed some sort of truce and that Dom actually made its way across the street on that skateboard. MGK certainly handled this well and seems like a pretty cool dude when it comes down to it. I still don't think this is the last of their battles but we'll see. I'm actually not sure anything got resolved here and I hope it didn't because I need something like this to entertain me in the coming weeks. I also need MGK to go on Jeff's podcast. That has to happen. Maybe they team up against the other neighbors and become boys. Seems like Jeff secretly just wants an invite over to MGK's house to come drink. 


Here is his new released song Bloody Valentine. It's got some 2000s rock Blink 182 vibes to it and I've been listening to it for the last 24 hours. People are seeing MGK attached to it and surely running away because of his rap rep, but it's actually pretty good I think. 

Still can't believe this guy banged Kate Beckinsale and Sommer Ray in the same calendar year.