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Here We Go Again - People In The Knicks Organization Think Getting Chris Paul Will Jumpstart A Winning Culture

No. NO. NO. NO! FUCK NO! Listen I love Chris Paul. I might be his biggest fan of the world. I'll defend him for punching dudes in the nuts and the bad rap he gets for not getting to the NBA Finals. The dude is so, so good. One of the best point guards of our era and really of all time. The dude could do it all from defense, setting up teammates, scoring. 

That said, trading or signing Chris Paul right now for the Knicks makes NO GODDAMN SENSE. Yes this is the same Chris Paul whose speech at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding about potentially joining Stat and Melo at MSG got millions of Knicks fans through some very dark days. But those days are over as is that Chris Paul.

Chris Paul has even been awesome this year for OKC. But do you know why they are good? Because Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is a star too. They have Steven Adams. They have pieces that fit. The Knicks are still so damn young and trying to figure out who will even be a Knick with Leon Rose taking over. There's still a couple years until Paul is a free agent, sign him for cheap then if you want a winning culture. 

I just want to know how Chris Paul keeps being linked to the Knicks. It's like year 10 of this. Just make him coach when he retires. Finally get him to New York that way. Just don't you dare trade for him.