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The 2007 College Football Season Was So Awesome My College House Got Robbed Twice On Game Day And We Didn't Care Because Of Football

I saw this tweet from Kayce yesterday about Unnecessary Roughness and their new podcast (subscribe, rate, review here). I figure it's Friday, we've talked about being robbed in college before so let's take a little trip down memory lane.

 The 2007 college football season was AWESOME. Specifically though we're going to talk about Kentucky - so suck my dick because I get to blog about whatever I want. If you want to listen about all the other craziness from Missouri being the No. 1 team in the country to Rutgers being ranked to WVU having a chance to play for a title and everything else involved go listen to Unnecessary Roughness. 

2007 was my junior year at Kentucky and I was living off campus just off the corner of Rose and E. Maxwell. Shout out those who know. We lived in a shitty house. I mean it was awesome because we had a random spare room that was just used for parties, pong, etc. But the house itself was a piece of shit - so much that it was condemned just a few years later.

Now we weren't in a shitty area or anything like that. UK's campus and the surrounding area was the least threatening place ever. Just drunk college kids wandering around aimlessly. But in 2007? Apparently it was a HOT BED for robberies. My house got robbed twice, TWICE, during the 2007 college football season. But you know what? We didn't give a fuck. Why? This was the first time 

Sure, okay, it sucked that we all of a sudden didn't have TV's or PS2 in the house. But Stevie Got Loose. Upsetting top-10 Louisville on essentially a walk-off touchdown while partying all morning helps ease the pain of shit getting stolen. 

Second time happened on a pretty good game too. A little thing we like to call beating eventual national champion and No. 1 team in the country LSU in 3OT. It also featured the best block I've seen in my life 

Came home from that game and saw the front door open. We knew the drill. Call the cops, report what was stolen. Good thing (for all but 1 of us) none of us replaced anything. So I actually had to file that they took my laundry basket to carry shit out. Now here's what I want to know. Would you do the responsible thing and immediately throw a cops and robber theme party at the house or would you sit and sulk? 

2007 was fucking awesome. You know you have a good football season when you don't care about getting robbed. Go listen to Unnecessary Roughness. 

Good to see it happened to other people too: 

RIP Fish Tank for sure.