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The NBA Should Copy Baseball And Move Their Hall Of Fame Inductions To 2021

This isn't all that surprising news given everything going on in the world, but I think we need to go one step further. In fact, I'm piggy backing off Hubbs' line of thinking when it came to the Baseball HOF

When you're inducting the caliber of class that the NBA will be doing in 2020, you need it to be done the normal way. If that means combine it with the 2021 class and have a mega induction then so be it. The legends that are going into the Hall deserve it. We're talking Duncan, KG, and Kobe from the NBA players side. We can't have Kobe's induction in front of zero people. That's bullshit. Plus KG's speech is going to be awesome as well, that needs an audience. There's no way we are going to be ready to have large gatherings all smashed together in August. Hard to believe that's that a possibility if you take a look around at what the world is like right now. It's already May and we're nowhere close and I have serious doubts we get there in August. 

It's not often that I think the NBA should follow MLB's lead in anything, but this is now the second idea I think they should copy. The first being the idea to remove marijuana from the banned substance list. I don't think anyone with a pulse would complain about either one. Plus, when you look at the list of names that could enter in 2021, it makes even more sense. The only lock is Pierce, maybe Bosh gets in this time around, maybe Webber. Point is it's not going to be a huge list so there should be no problem adding one more guy to the ceremony and having it at a time when you can honor these guys the right way.

My guess is this decision will eventually come once we get closer to August and we still can't have large crowds. At least that's my hope because it would be a damn shame if one of the best HOF classes ever didn't get a traditional induction ceremony.