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Derek Jeter Will Have To Wait Until 2021 To Be Inducted Into Cooperstown (Bonus Conspiracy Theory)

Honestly, this is good news. Given the circumstances I'm happy they decided to not mess around and just push this whole thing back a full year. It hit me last week that this was going to be fucked with and I got scared that they were going to do some weird Zoom hangout speech thing. If the NFL Draft can go zoom then why can't a HOF induction ceremony? No, no, no you don't do that to Derek Jeter. When #2 goes into Cooperstown it has to be done the right way. I also can't wait for Larry Walker's speech considering he gave up all hope of getting in when the votes were coming in. Push this back until 2021 and we'll do it the right way next summer once the world fixes itself a little bit. 

That being said, the baseball HOF coming back into discussion brought back bad memories of Jeter coming up one vote short of being unanimously selected. I've developed a conspiracy theory that if that one asshole voted him in then nothing bad happens in 2020. We're in the middle of the baseball season, the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, Tiger wins back to back Masters, March Madness happens, we have a Memorial Day Weekend to look forward to. The moment Jeter wasn't voted in unanimously the world was thrown off its own axis and everything went to shit. Now because of that dick wad we don't even know what the inside of a bar looks like anymore. Give me the time stone and I'm going back to the moment that douchebag submitted his ballot and I'm saving the world. I don't need the credit either, I just want things to go back to normal.