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The Internet Successfully Bullied The Oakland A's Billionaire Owner To Pay His Employees Next Month!

Yesterday I wrote the blog about how the Oakland A's were the only team in baseball yet to decide whether or not they were going to pay their employees in the month of May. As in the month that starts TOMORROW! A lot of you argued that I don't know what net worth means and that the owner of the team doesn't have $2 billion liquid in his bank account to pay everyone. My boss Dave Portnoy is worth $100 million now and I am well aware he doesn't have $100 million in cash to spend. That is besides the point. The A's owner, the son of the people who started GAP inc., has the money to pay his people for the next month however which way you slice it. He's known for cutting corners and being as greedy as it gets. 

I don't like to tell rich people how to spend their money even if the obvious decision is sitting right in front of their face, but my point in the blog was that he can't hold these people hostage like this. At the very least he had to give his employees some notice if he wasn't going to pay them for May. Well, turns out the internet bullied him into paying his people. Good job internet!

Looks like some good old fashioned internet peer pressure still works after all. Let's check the quarantine internet bullying stat sheet real quick. 

  • Internet bullies ESPN into releasing the Jordan documentary months early. 
  • Internet forces Facebook to drop 'The Facebook company' from their ads because it was weird as fuck. 
  • Internet shames the A's billionaire owner to pay his hundreds of full time employees in May. 

Quarantine may suck balls, but at least we're doing some good on the streets of the web. Next up? Let's bully Derek Jeter to come on The Short Porch.