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Oakland A's Owner Worth $2 Billion Is Still Uncertain About Paying His Employees For Next Month

All but one team in Major League Baseball has decided whether or not to pay their employees throughout the month of May in 2020. Every single one has elected to pay them aside from the Rays who furloughed some staff and cut the pay of most full-time employees. The one team that has yet to make a decision? The Oakland A's. MONEYBALL BABY! Just in case you were unaware of the date, May starts on FRIDAY. There are people who work for the A's unaware if they're getting a paycheck in two days. That is fucking nonsense. 

The A’s are discussing extensive layoffs, according to major-league sources. Other clubs have engaged in similar conversations, but so far the Tampa Bay Rays are the only one to initiate major cost-cutting measures in response to the shutdown of baseball during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rays on Tuesday furloughed some staff and cut the pay of most other full-time employees, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Every other club has committed to paying its employees through at least May 31.

Would you like to know how much the Oakland A's owner is worth? Well you probably know based on the title of the blog, but in case you just click on everything I write blindly here you go. 

This motherfucker is a billionaire two times over! His mom and dad founded GAP inc. yet this asshole can't guarantee everyone gets paid over the next month while the world battles a global pandemic. Dude is probably online right now looking at his next hundred million dollar yacht he's going to cruise around in when the world gets back up and running. Meanwhile there are employees of his wondering how they're going to pay their mortgage and buy food for their family over the next few months. 

This shouldn't come off as the biggest surprise when it comes to the A's since we constantly associate them with being dirt cheap. There are stories all across baseball of how they cut corners to save money every which way possible. This for sure is a new low, but it's not the most surprising thing I've heard.

I'm not trying to be some white knight here but figure it out John. This is just a stupid and a horrible look. If you're going to take the Rays rout that's on you, but at the very least you have to let these guys know what the deal is. You can't hold these innocent people in purgatory.