Would You Be Shocked To Find Out The NCAA Is Recommending NOT To Let Transfers Be Eligible Right Away Because Of The Coronavirus?

Oh, what's that? You thought the NCAA was turning a corner by allowing players profit off of name, image and likeness despite trying to control everything? Guess again. I almost respect how much of a heel the NCAA is becoming. I mean I fucking hate them, but I'm starting to respect it a bit. You think they give a shit about these kids? 

To quote Michael Jordan - fuck them kids. 

It makes zero sense why you don't let transfers be eligible right away. They are 'student-athletes' right? What other student has to sit out a year when they transfer? Pretty sure the answer is zero. They go right to class and can do as they please. Seems pretty hypocritical to block these guys from being eligible right away if they want to transfer. 

Oh and that's before we even get into the waiver process. One of the absolute dumbest things we have with the NCAA is the waiver process. We have people applying for waivers that get approved that makes no sense - think Tate Martell/Justin Fields being immediately eligible at Miami and OSU this past season. At the same time we have people like this being denied an eligible waiver: 

You get the point. Waivers make no fucking sense because the NCAA is the most moronic organization out there. So now they are using the coronavirus as a reason to not recommend this happening. Look at this tweet again. 

Spare me the 'it's not dead' part. Sure, but it should have been put in place YEARS ago. Guess what? Everyone who says 'well this will create free agency in college.' There's already free agency in college athletics. Coaching staffs are always recruiting and reaching out and tampering. Nothing is going to change from that standpoint. It's not like this isn't already happening. Plus, who gives a shit? Yeah, it might hurt mid-majors who get the guy who falls through the cracks and has a strong year or two there. But what if he wants to leave? I just don't give a shit if a coach is upset by that. They are paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to deal with it. So deal with it. 

Kids should have any right to transfer once without penalty of sitting out and if their coach leaves they have every right to transfer without sitting out. Not that difficult to vote on.