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The NCAA Is Refusing To Give Lineman Brock Hoffman A Family Medical Hardship Waiver To Play At VTech Because They Think His Mother's Brain Tumor Has "Gotten A Little Better Lately" - Now Forced To Sit The Entire 2019 Season

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Quick backstory: Brock Hoffman is a 6’4″ 315 pounder who started every game of his Coastal Carolina career – 1 season at Center, 1 at Right Guard.  After last season, he entered the NCAA Transfer Portal and committed to Virginia Tech 2 months ago.  The reason for the transfer: his mother has an “Acoustic Neuroma” brain tumor which has paralyzed her face and caused hearing and sight loss, as well as affecting her entire body and making it impossible for her to travel – he wanted to be closer to her.

The NCAA lets players transfer and play instantly because they got beat out by better players for a starting job, so clearly it won’t be a problem for a kid who actually has a family emergency right?

THE SPUN – Former Coastal Carolina offensive lineman Brock Hoffman transferred to Virginia Tech following the 2018 college football season.

The NCAA requires non-graduate transfer players to sit for a season if they choose to transfer to an FBS program, unless they receive a waiver.

Hoffman attempted to receive a family medical hardship waiver from the NCAA, but was denied. He plans to appeal the decision and took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Hoffman revealed his mother had a brain tumor removed and is still suffering from facial paralysis and eye sight issues.

He transferred to Virginia Tech so he could be closer to home and help take care of her, but now has to sit out the 2019 college football season after being denied a waiver.

…that’s right.  The NCAA said no. Why?

1) Because VT is 5 miles outside of the 100 mile radius from Hoffman’s house.

And 2) The now apparently medically trained professionals at the NCAA have decided, without consulting, you know, actual medical professionals, that Hoffman’s mom is “better” than she was when he was at Coastal.

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Justin Fields, Tate Martell – oh you’re not gonna start because a more talented player came in? Go ahead and transfer, no problem.

Brock Hoffman, your mom has a brain tumor and you want to be close to her to take care of her and maybe one day have her see you play again – now waiiitttt just oneeee second.

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I’ve done the whole sarcasm thing, countless times, all the snarky jokes shitting on the NCAA for being so clueless.  But honestly…fuck that.  Fuck them.  Fuck the NCAA and fuck Mark Emmert.  Never has an organization been lacking such basic common sense and human decency and it’s frankly disgusting.

They’ll change their ruling.  They’ll give Hoffman the hardship waiver.  He’ll be able to play.  Only because the blast of blogs and tweets of outrage about it will flood the internet so hard it will force the NCAA to change course.  That’s how they operate.  It’s why all of these blogs and tweets are so important no matter how repetitive they get.  Because the only thing the NCAA responds to is an overwhelmingly bad public image.

Fuck the NCAA.  Seriously.  FUCK them.