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Looks Like Hannah Ann From 'The Bachelor' Is Hanging Out With Steelers Quarterback Mason Rudolph??

COSMOPOLITAN- Remember when Hannah Ann teased that she was talking to a ~mystery man~ during quarantine? Yeah, well it looks like the dude in question *might* be NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph. TMZ Sports spotted Hannah and Mason making a coffee run together in L.A. on Wednesday, and apparently this is the third time they've hung out together in the past few days. Hannah hasn't confirmed she and Mason are dating, but a source said that "They very much seemed lovey-dovey" and that "He even opened her car door." Reminder: In early April, Hannah showed up on Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, saying she had a “FaceTime date” with someone, but that their relationship is “just a nice little quarantine fling.”

Well alright then! We've got ourselves another outta-left-field "couple" emerging from the Bachelor Cinematic Universe. This time it's Hannah Ann and Steelers QB Mason Rudolph! Sure! Why not! You wanna know how you get back at your ex for dating your best friend and rubbing it in your face all over Tik Tok? You start getting spotted by the paparazzi with a professional athlete. Chess moves. Hannah Ann would deny that's her motivation for hanging out with Mason Rudolph but deep down she knows that rebounding with an NFL quarterback after dating a dude who flies planes is a good look. 

I have a question, how are people meeting people during quarantine? How did Hannah Ann and Mason's fling start up in the middle of a global pandemic? I find that super interesting. Did one of them slide into the others DMs and it just went from there? Feels like that's how most of these things start (Victoria F and Chris Soules being the other quarantine example). Hannah Ann did say on Kaitlyn Bristowe's podcast that she face timed with a mystery man but now it seems to have escalated to them hanging out in person. I'm far more interested in how these random couples end up hanging out than whether or not they're gonna work out long term.

PS- Here's to hoping Mason Rudolph's dick is better than cauliflower.