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The 10 Best Ways to Subtly Remind People That It's Your Birthday

Happy April 29th everyone! Decided today would be a good day to write this blog. A lot of people have had their birthdays during quarantine and can't properly celebrate. But that doesn't mean you can't still rack up those birthday wishes! So if you're someone with a birthday coming up (like today or whatever) then here are a few tactics you can use to get people to wish you a happy birthday.

1. Tweet something along these lines

Simple. Clever. Effective. Great work here. 

2. Wish yourself a happy anniversary on that tweet one year later

While it appears like you're congratulating yourself on a successful tweet, you're actually just reminding people that it's yet again that time of the year. 

3. Get that tweet onto your other social platforms

Maybe you're an Internet personality with some Instagram followers that don't also follow you on Twitter. How will they ever know it's your birthday? (Hypothetically speaking of course)

4. Text your co-workers about work to get their attention

That's how you trap someone, folks. 

5. Text a group chat about your birthday to maximize your birthday wishes

Ideally, you would get more than one birthday wish in return. 

6. Draw People Into A Conversation Using Their Interests

Too easy. 

7. Chop it up with the boys and take their insults as birthday wishes because you know they love you deep down

Effing love those dudes. 

8. Use Famous People's Birthdays To Your Advantage

Jeff D almost got me with the photoshop. Maybe one day…

9. Let them know that even though they remembered your birthday, they technically never said "happy birthday"

At least he remembered!

10. Write a blog titled "The 10 Best Ways to Subtly Remind People That It's Your Birthday"