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*blows out a large plume of smoke* Log Splitter Blog? I haven’t heard that name in years

Simplicity is often the best delivery of all things beautiful. Think about the Mona Lisa: her smile isn’t regaled centuries later because Da Vinci whisked the brushes across her faint lips with the gusto of an oil-based Liberace. Flamboyance and pizzazz has its place. That place is las Vegas which at one point was filled with the caroming caress of Liberace’s ring-filled floaty fingers. Incredible.

To me, this wood splitter is more Da Vinci than it is Liberace. It’s the painstaking craft of lift after lift of logs to the hard-hat version of a painter’s canvass. He lifts each log knowing that the movement must be exact. He’s careful. He’s deliberate. There’s no wasted movement. It’s an artist at work and his discipline is a labor of lumber. Salute. Press X. Give the man your respect. I know I’ll be giving mine.

We must appreciate the small things so that our mouths drop when we witness log splitting wonders the likes of which have never been seen..... until now. ENJOY!