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Police Bust Man For Taking His Fish On A Walk During State Of Emergency

Translation (via twitter): Agents of the @policia They have sanctioned a person for going out to "walk" their fish on the street. Agents spotted him on #Logroño carrying a fish tank against what is stipulated in the RD of the State of Alarm. 


LOGROÑO, Spain (Gray News) – Sometimes people get a bit stir-crazy in the middle of a coronavirus lockdown.

An unidentified man in northern Spain was busted this week for taking his fish on a walk in its bowl.

He appeared to be trying to take advantage of a rule allowing pet owners to leave their homes so that their pets can relieve themselves.


I'm still trying to decide whether I should respect the effort or be frustrated by his stupidity. I know one thing is for certain. That's the fact that the police and this guy probably got into a semantics battle the likes of which this world has never seen. I'd be willing to bet that those two officers and this guy with his goldfish probably sat there for thirty minutes just arguing about the semantics of it all. He was just taking his pet out, you know, relieving his goldfish, as one does. 


"I'm just taking my fish on a walk, officers"

You might as well just smack the police officers in the face next time. I mean how on earth are you supposed to take the guy walking around with a fishbowl even remotely serious? Especially when he's just blatantly exploiting one of the only exceptions for leaving the house. The rule is obviously meant for people who have animals that go to the bathroom outside. Dogs, cats, ferrets, opossums, etc. So while he does technically own a pet, it's not the right pet.

There is a small part of me, however, that respects the move. It's just so preposterous that I have no other choice. Clearly a goldfish doesn't need to be taken on a walk of any sorts, in fact, it wants quite literally the opposite of fresh air. If this guy really cared about his goldfish, he'd upgrade his generic ass fishbowl to an aquarium. Maybe even give the little guy a weekend in the tub, let him see what living in luxury is really like. 

At the end of the day, the guy just wanted to leave his fucking house. I get it. Everyone has been cooped up inside for quite a while. These days I find myself standing outside, just looking at things. Hell, I stared at the pine tree in my back yard for 30 minutes yesterday just so I had an excuse to go outside. It was refreshing to say the very least. So I see nothing wrong with wanting to go outside, it's just a matter of why you're going outside.

I don't necessarily think he had to use his goldfish as an excuse was the best option. He could've just walked to the grocery store or something, a much better excuse to get out of the house.

PS - times like these are when I really appreciate the fact that I have a backyard, somewhere I can roam outside without rules.