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Scott Perry Will Return As Knicks GM Next Season, Whenever That May Be

Lets see how Knicks Twitter is handling this news!

Did I just hit you guys with a double meme to start off the blog to try and lighten the mood a bit? You're goddamn right! I know this is going to sound like Optimist Clem that always tries to look at the bright side of life, which is something I RARELY do with the Knicks. But I'm weirdly okay with Perry and other front office execs coming back for a Prove It season now that the guy he reports to on the org chart isn't the person who hired Isiah Thomas, signed Tim Hardaway Jr. to a massive contract, and didn't want to trade Marcus Morris months before he became a free agent. 

I'm guessing Leon Rose wants to figure out how much Scott Perry's fingerprints were on the last few years of forgettable horse shit and how much they were on the few bright spots. I am personally going to believe that Perry was the one who wanted Mitchell Robinson in the 2nd round just because I need to believe that as a fan, and that downgrading from whatever a Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving team up would've been at MSG to Julius Randle, Elfrid Payton, and Bobby Portis can be pinned directly on KD's frayed achilles as well as the Mills/Dolan "brain"trust. As for the Kevin Knox pick, I am going to keep telling myself he's still not old enough to buy a beer and remember the glory days while hoping we see them again, preferably in the NBA instead of the Summer League or G League.

The bottom line is the Knicks have a good young team with plenty of financial flexibility moving forward heading into a summer without a bunch of free agent talent where there might not be much unhappy stars or execs looking to move because this coronaworld is so fucking weird. If Leon Rose wants to avoid the typical Knee Jerk Knicks reaction of firing everyone that isn't best friends with Dolan because he believes in Perry or believes in another GM/exec who isn't available right now, I am going to believe in that as well because I am going to believe in Leon Rose mostly because I have no other fucking choice since the only person in the Knicks franchise with more power than him is this fuckstick.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to comfort myself after talking about Knicks news like I do with all other Knicks news, which is dream big so I can be disappointed big.