The Knicks Reportedly "Fired" Steve Mills After He Was Hesitant To Trade Marcus Morris (Don't Worry Mills Will Apparently End Up On The MSG Board)

You know what? I've seen enough. Put Marcus Morris' number 13 in the rafters next to Knicks legends like Patrick Ewing, Willis Reed, and Clyde Frazier. Because between being the reason Steve Mills' rise up the Knicks org chart ended and booping that guy in the preseason, Morris is as great as any Knick since Big Pat was shipped to Utah for a heap of trash. 

I was wondering how the Knicks could be so stupid to keep Marcus Morris considering he's a free agent at the end of the season and one of the few players with actual trade value. But the answer was obviously that the fucking moron who signed guys like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Joakim Noah to nightmare contracts while leading the franchise to a 141-320 record as GM or President was trying to avoid being "fired".

I say "fired" because no friend of James Dolan is truly ever fired, with Steve Mills about to be nominated to the board of the sports side of things at MSG.

What a joke. Again, it probably doesn't matter because this team will never be a free agent destination as long as James Dolan is owner and will never be a contender as long as Dolan's buddies stay in the MSG organization. But seeing Mills stay within striking distance of the Knicks still hurts on a day that should have been a celebration for Knicks fans.

At least the Knicks aren't acting like the Winter Mets in their search for Team President.

God fucking dammit. As always, fuck this franchise.