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God. Damnit. - Apparently NO NCAA Video Games Will Be Coming Back Despite Players Being Able To Make Money

This was supposed to be the great news, right. Players are able to make money off of name, image and likeness - even if it's set up in the worst way possible. I broke down the news here: 

We're all killing to get back NCAA Football and even college hoops. We love the video games. We watch Coach Duggs make his way across the country. It seems like it would be a no-brainer that it would be coming back, right? NOPE. Why? 

God. Damnit. Their reasoning is that because of no union, players won't be able to/know how to distribute the money made from the game. EA Sports Football would 100% be the highest selling game of all time. Think about how many people would buy that right this instant. But don't try and tell me they wouldn't be able to figure out how to distribute money. I'm pretty sure they'll take anything at this point. There are plenty of options too. Give everyone the same share, and give the cover athlete a flat fee for being on the cover. Have an independent party figure out percentages based on different factors. 

Just give us back our goddamn video games. 

We're live on Twitch in the meantime before Coach Dug gets back after it to fill that NCAA void in our lives