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The NCAA Announces They Are Planning To Let Players Profit On Name, Image And Likeness (In The Most NCAA Way Possible)

Alright so I talked a bit about this last week but now the NCAA put out their statement. First things first this is obviously a good thing! It's a no-brainer. The fact that college athletes can't make money off of their own name, image and likeness is asinine. There's too much money involved in college athletics for this not to happen. Not to mention there's no bigger sham than the NCAA trying to scream that they are just like regular students who happen to play sports when they are limited more than any other student. 

I've said it a hundred times now. Schools paying players with scholarships and everything that comes along with that is fine. That's plenty from the school. But you can't limit what they can make from sponsors or ad deals or endorsements. If a car dealership in Omaha wants to pay a Creighton basketball player because they are the biggest face in the city, they should be able to do so. 

Not to mention this is needed for college hoops as we are seeing different options start to pop up. Let's stick with Creighton. Ty-Shon Alexander is a guy who was going to be a preseason All-American and Creighton would have been a top-5 team and a true national title contender. Instead he signed with an agent to stay in the NBA Draft. He's a borderline draft pick and a likely two-way contract. He'll make good money - $125,000 at least. But without him, Creighton isn't a true title contender. They aren't preseason top-5. They fall preseason top-20 and will be a fine team. If he could make money on his NIL and get like $50,000 while improving his draft stock and competing for a national title, you're way more likely to keep a guy like that. The list goes on and on for examples like this - Alexander is just the biggest one. 

That's BEFORE we even get into trying to keep guys like Isaiah Todd, Jalen Green and Daishean Nix as freshman. Yes, they matter. Don't try and say one-and-dones don't matter. The better talent in college hoops the better the game. More and more upperclassmen are leaving early, so you need these top-15 recruits to come in and fill in that gap. 

But of course, it's the NCAA. They couldn't just do the right thing 100%. What do they do instead? Put in guardrails so it's limited to what exactly can happen here. 

Come on. Now we're going to think the NCAA will be able to litigate exactly what is considered pay-for-play? Just let these kids make money. Who gives a FUCK? Oh, it might help recruiting? What's going to happen? Top talent football players will go to Alabama, LSU and Georgia? Top hoops players will go to Kentucky, Kansas and Duke? Imagine that world. Impossible! Recruiting advantages have been a thing forever! Stop trying to pretend like it's a level playing field. It never has been, never will be. 

Also what the fuck? Why do you need Congress to help you with a rule? 

It's a win that players are going to get money. But this is the most NCAA way to announce it. 

PS: This is the biggest lie in the history of lies: