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I Think These Are My New Favorite MJ Highlights

Listen I know there's been an abundance of MJ and Bulls content all over this site lately and I'm sure it can get repetitive so if it's become a problem for you, please by all means suck my dick. This is America aka home of religious freedoms and expression. I'll honor my god however I please and right now that means blogging an MJ cumpilation of him piledriving the Pistons. I find these highlights notable for 3 critical reasons. 

- The Double Pumps -  You know the nickname His Airness. You know he can soar and dunk on anyone in the history of mankind. But were you ever fully conscious of just how routine he made the double pump in traffic? There's at least half-a-dozen of him using a double pump to score in the above clip and that's just against the Pistons in a small stretch of time. When you see shit like this it makes sense that the a catch phrase like "Hang Time" would catch on to the tune of it's own TV Show

- Bill Laimbeer Is Still Alive - How did Bill Laimbeer survive this shit? He's routinely one of the first names that rolls of the tongue when talking about Bad Boy Basketball, but all I see here is just a series of emasculating posters in real time, like here when he takes MJ's balls to the clavicle. Imagine getting pushed around by Dave Corzine in the block and still being allowed to get on the next team bus.

If someone wanted to create an extend reel of Laimbeers worst moments, please DM me @barstoolcarl.

- The Footwork MJ had a relentless commitment to the fundamentals that nobody ever wants to talk about because it's boring. Little do you know he had the muscle memory depth of a concert pianist. Every move he makes 1-on-1 is practiced and perfected to the point that he's just reacting to his opponents' weaknesses. It's thoughtless basketball and a huge reason why he was able to get open his entire career as he slowly aged to the midrange. Head-fakes, jab steps, ball-fakes, pivots. The whole fucking thing is on display and is beautiful to behold

Honorable Mention To Pistons Fans That Talk Shit About MJ Going 1-3 In The Playoffs Against Isiah - Do you guys realize that MJ literally killed the Pistons? Isiah won his first title at 27. He won again at 28 and was at the top of his game and career and everything. Then the next year he played MJ in the ECF and got swept 4-0 age 29. The following season, at 30, Isiah would play in his last playoff series ever - an opening round loss to the Knicks. The Pistons missed the playoffs in '93 and '94 respectively with a combined record of 60-104, and then Isiah Thomas retired. That's how his career ended: ruthlessly at the hands of MJ in 1991 en route to the Bulls' first of six titles. Don't make me write this fucking paragraph again.