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Steph Curry Said One Of The Ideas He Heard For The NBA Is To Go To A Remote Island And Play A 3v3 Tournament

[Source] - “I’ve heard every option and thought in the book on how they finish the season, trying to get all the rest of the regular season [plus playoffs]… that’s a lot of basketball to get in before the end of summer…. I’ve heard certain people say all the teams are in one city, a couple of hotels so that you can control the traffic and the venues and no fans and play. I’ve heard going to some remote island for a 3-on-3 tournament. I know everybody is trying to put their head together to get back on TV for our fans. Like you said, you can’t rush it and not take all precautions of making sure we’re not putting ourselves or the people around us in danger.

I don't care about anything else in this quote besides the remote island for a 3-on-3 tournament. It's all I can think about. In fact I know a place. It's referred to as Fight Island 


Slap a couple hoops up on the island and let's get a full day of 3v3 hoops in the morning and fights at night. Who says no?!? I mean besides players and families, who says no?!? Do you know how fun 3v3 can be? Everyone our age that played hoops grew up playing in at least one Roundball Ruckus or Gus Macker 3-on-3 Tournament in the summer. It was the best. Whether it was in downtown York, a mall parking lot or City Island in Harrisburg where I typically played in the tournaments, it didn't matter. It was a weekend of awesome hoops, shooting the shit with your friends and being out for days. 

Now do that with NBA guys. It makes no sense why it would be tied into the actual season but at this point who gives a fuck? 3-on-3 is all the rage now anyways with it going into the Olympics - whenever we get the Olympics. Sports are going to be weird, so let's get weird with it now. Fight Hoops Island, let's go.