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Today in PMT History: Big Cat Tried to Feed Christian Yelich Steroids

One year ago today, Christian Yelich came into  Barstool HQ after putting our asses in the jackpot. He was red hot and about to be participating in the Home Run Derby with a chance to make Big Cat and PFT eat each other's asses, literally. There was nothing that could stop Yelich at the time.

Big Cat tried everything from bribing him to pleading he was about to be a father. When he was left with no option, Big Cat decided there was only one thing he could do: he had to play dirty. 

Fast forward and Yelich mysteriously dropped out of the Derby 24 hours before the tournament with an apparent back injury.

And the rumors were flying everywhere of Pardon My Take's potential involvement in his decision.

For better or for worse, Big Cat and PFT did not have to follow through with their bet in 2019, but who knows what the future holds.