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Oregon Strip Club Offering Drive-Thru Shows for Customers Picking Up Food

Strip clubs are obviously a business which would be quite affected by any sort of breakout where unsanitary conditions might be a problem. But when the coronavirus quarantine began, the Lucky Devil Lounge in Oregon launched a food delivery service with its dancers to try to maintain some sort of revenue stream. "Boober Eats" was a success, but owner Shon Boulden knew he could do more.

Well now they're taking it up a notch.

Daily Mail — In a creative bid to keep the business afloat, Lucky Devil owner Shon Boulden launched a new concept called 'Food 2 Go-Go' offering options to have exotic dancers deliver food, accompanied by bouncers to enforce social distancing, and a drive-through pole dance show for carry-out orders. 

Boulden charges $30 each for each extra option while keeping food prices the same - and business is already booming.

The performances included throbbing music furnished by a DJ, stage lights, and prizes presented to customers at a safe distance by dancers using long plastic grabbers - like those used to pick up litter. Giveaways have included samples from a local cannabis dispensary and rolls of toilet paper. 

I love this country. This is why capitalism is the best economic system ever devised by man and ordained by God. Strip clubs around the country are — I'm guessing — in pretty dire financial straits and the Lucky Devil Lounge is killing it with drive-thru burlesque shows while picking up chicken wings.

God Bless America.