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Just A Friendly Reminder That Kimbo Slice Was The Biggest Legend Of The Early Internet

If you've run out of shows to watch or games to play or banana bread to bake, there's one cure for your quarantine blues that'll never fail. And that's to hop on the ol' YouTube machine and watch Kimbo Slice totally dismantle guys with fists of fury. 

It doesn't matter that these fights were all filmed with potatoes. You could still feel some of those shots coming through your screen. Just an absolute freak of a human being who immortalized his name into internet history forever. There's nobody on this planet right now who was around for early YouTube and doesn't know the name Kimbo Slice. You'd head over to whichever one of your friends' family had the best computer because this was still the age of the "family computer". You'd wait the 5 minutes it took to actually turn the computer on, you'd wait the 5 minutes it would take to actually get the internet working, and you'd sit there and watch Kimbo Slice put his fist through another man's skull for the next hour or so of your lives. And you loved every minute of it. 

Then you'd strap on the hockey helmet and gloves, have a locker boxing tournament in the basement and that would go on until somebody lost a tooth or something and you'd get yelled at by the parents. But as long as you were around for those days, Kimbo Slice played a pivotal role in your childhood and you'll always remember those days of watching in awe as this beast of a man would put more people to sleep than the sandman. 

Gone too soon. RIP, King.