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The Alex Smith Documentary Is Going To Be The Most Inspiring Thing We'll Watch This Year

I'm going to cry my eyes out watching this. I don't think I'm mentally prepared for what I'm about to watch. Alex Smith is a warrior in every way a man can be. He nearly lost not only his leg, but his life. And not only has he battled hard every single day to walk again, but while recovering he was out there mentoring and working with Dwayne Haskins.

He didn't have to be out there. His contract doesn't call for that. But that's who Alex Smith is. I want Dan Snyder to give him a lifetime contract in DC. Job title- Do whatever you want. Just be around. Help the GM. Help the QBs. Be in the film room. Give speeches. Inspire. 

There is a picture going around of what his shattered leg looked like that I'm not going to post because that's not how Alex needs to be thought of. He was a great QB, a great leader, and this documentary coming out on Friday is going to be the most inspirational thing we might ever see. 17 surgeries. What a fucking man.