Alex Smith Helping and Mentoring Dwayne Haskins Is The Greatest Thing, Make Him The Head Coach Right Now

Alex Smith doesn’t have to be out there. He shattered his leg and almost lost it. He has battled back from a devastating, horrific injury that you wouldn’t wish on your greatest enemy. Doctors weren’t sure if he’d walk without some sort of assistance. And yet, there he is, on a cold November day, helping out Dwayne Haskins. On the field with him, walking him through reps. It’s unbelievable how great of a guy he is. This team is 1-9. The offensive line won’t help Haskins. And Alex Smith who has 10’s of millions of dollars in the bank, is out there helping the rookie. It’s absolutely wonderful to see. And Haskins knows how special it is.

And this isn’t the first time. Back in camp Alex was doing the same.

The last QB that Alex mentored? A guy named Patrick Mahomes.

I’m ready to just make him the head coach right now. We’re paying the guy huge money anyway, just make him the head coach and next season a player/coach backing up Haskins if he still wants to play and is able to. I don’t care about his “lack of coaching experience”, look around the league, coaches with 10 years of experience can’t figure out they should go for it on 4th and 1 from the 50 while down 7 in the 4th quarter, I’m sure Alex Smith can’t be any worse. I’m absolutely positive of it, in fact. If Dan Snyder gave Jim Zorn a head coaching job, he can give Alex Smith one too. At least people would like Alex Smith, and it’d be nice to keep him in house, unlike the others that have gotten away…