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Alice Eve: 'If You've Got Flesh Then It Should be Shown' Because "It's Part of the Job"

Daily Mail She is known to many as Charlotte's braless nanny in the second Sex And The City move.  

And Alice Eve has discussed why she has no problem stripping off for roles as it is 'part of the job' of an actor.

The actress, 38, spoke candidly with The Sun about why she has 'no aversion' to showing 'flesh' and why she hopes her latest project - Belgravia - was a good form of escapism for audiences at the moment. 

The ITV drama, which was set in Victorian London, concluded last weekend with five million viewers tuning in for the finale.  ...

Despite wearing very a tight corset and big dresses for Belgravia, she told the publication: 'I don't have any ­aversion to flesh or showing it. I think if you've got flesh then it should be shown.

'Besides, you limit yourself if you are against all that because it's part of the job really. But it can be a bit weird sometimes.' 

The screen star said she was typically cast as roles that objectify women whilst being shown through the lens of a man which is not how she feels about herself. 

However she shared:  'As an actor, you can't be attached to your physicality.' 

The star said she hopes fans enjoyed the escapism offered by the drama as it is what we need in the world right now.

I am not familiar with theis show "Belgravia." I might not ever tune in. But a period costume drama with Alice Eve and her personal brand of female empowerment IS exactly the escapist entertainment we need in the world right now. 

Hers is my idea of true feminism. She's comfortable with who she is. She does what she wants to do with her own body. If the role calls for her to show flesh, she's going to show flesh. Because she determines what she's going to do with her looks and her career, and no one is going to shame her out of it. No matter how much the producers of "Star Trek: Into Darkness" pander to the outrage mob. 

No one is saying that actors and actresses who aren't comfortable stripping down into their underwear in the middle of a space action movie should do it. Harvey Weinstein should've been thrown into a penitentiary for abusing Kate Beckinsale for not slutting it up enough for his liking at his post-9/11 movie premiere nobody wanted:

No one is demanding Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks start dropping trou the next time they play a famous real life person for Oscar bait. (Though I bet Helen Mirren would since she's been nude on camera in parts of five decades. True fact. And if she does, the theaters will be packed.) We just need to stop shaming super attractive people who like being naked or semi-naked in movies if they want to be naked or semi-naked in movies. 

Hell, it wasn't all that long ago that you couldn't get a film financed if you didn't have one gratuitous butt shot at the very least. Karen Allen in "Animal House." Daryl Hannah in "Splash." Mel Gibson in pretty much every Mel Gibson movie. Now you might get one Kate Winslet "Paint me like one of your French girls" scene a decade and Sci-Fi producers apologizing for putting an actress in her space underwear who clearly enjoys being in her underwear. It's like our whole culture is folding back in on itself and going back to the days when we wore buckles on our hats and sewed scarlet "A"s onto the dresses of women who did what makes them happy. 

So thank you, Alice Eve, for breaking that mold. Go ahead and show flesh any time you want to. Queen.