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Damon Lindelof Apologizes For Scene In Star Trek With Alice Eve In Her Underwear

GuardianDamon Lindelof, the writer of Star Trek Into Darkness, has apologised for a “gratuitous” scene during the new sci-fi sequel in which British actor Alice Eve appears in her underwear. Lindelof, who is also the co-creator of Lost, took to Twitter after fans pointed out the unnecessary nature of the offending segue, in which science officer Carol Marcus strips down to a bra and knickers while preparing to pull on a special torpedo disarming outfit.

First of all, lets just state the obvious – Alice Eve is blazing hot. Smoldering. Not that she’s a nobody or anything, but I think after this Star Trek movie she’s gonna be a household smokeshow name. She was so fucking hot in She’s Out Of My League I could barely control my penis. When I see her in Star Trek I’m gonna get one of my nerd boners combined with a real, normal sexual boner and I’m just gonna be all boner for like 2 and a half hours in the theater.

But lets talk about these people on twitter complaining about a movie scene, in the year 2013, where a girl is in her underwear. Who are these people complaining about that? Thats absolutely preposterous. Thats worse than those hockey losers who thought calling Sidney Crosby a princess was offensive. Nowadays I expect to see gratuitous sex in basically every form of entertainment. Like I’m surprised theres no solo masturbation scene with Alice Eve or a threesome with her and Zoe Zaldana. Because like I said its 2013 and thats what the entertainment world is like now. Are we gonna complain about chicks in bikinis at the beach too? And if the complaint is that a smart scientist would have no reason to strip down and be sexy, well now aren’t we being prejudice against smart and sexy women everywhere?

We’re talking about a broad in a bra and a pair of granny panties, people. Lets grow the fuck up. Now where was I…oh thats right I was masturbating to Alice Eve