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Jamir Jones Signed With The Houston Texans And Is Beyond Wet From Range With A Lacrosse Stick

Step down. Bombs away. Stick-side high. Top corns. Turn & rake. And then a big time celly to cap it all off. 

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an absolute WEAPON. How Notre Dame wasn't able to get Jamir Jones to play lacrosse in the spring is probably a major reason they haven't made it back to the Final Four since 2015. They were playing on championship weekend in 3 out of 4 years from 2012-15. Then Jamir Jones steps on campus in the fall of '15 and you don't think to put a lacrosse stick in his hands in the spring? This man has a cannon. 

And the thing about this shot is that this clearly isn't just a case of having a kid absolutely dominating out there just because he's a freak athlete. Like Jamir Jones is clearly a lacrosse player. That shot was as smooth as they come. Quick release, great form, and he framed that shit right in the corner over the goalie's stick. Not only is he an NFL defensive lineman caliber athlete, but he's got the stick skills to go along with it. 

So we had former lacrosse player Isaiah Wilson going off the board in the 1st round. 

And no we have Jamir Jones signing as a free agent with Houston. But sure, I'd love to hear more about how lacrosse is just for kids who got cut from their JV baseball team. 

Sport of the future. Double confirmed.