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Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell Flaunts Breaking House Arrest on Facebook Live

Tony Spell, a pastor at the Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge (Geaux Tigahs) has made a FEAST out of the coronavirus for gathering media attention to his church.

Not only has Tony refused to stop regular in-person church services despite the lockdown orders in the state, he's been arrested for aggravated assault, put on house arrest, and flaunted his ankle bracelet at church, all while laughing in the face of the law.

The madness cranked up starting right before 4/20 when Tony challenged all Christians to donate their stimulus checks to their Pastors in the #PastorSpellStimulusChallenge:

Then, he had this little run-in with a protestor while driving the church's insane asylum style white school bus:

For which, he was arrested… (though to be fair it doesn't look like he ran the person over in the bus)

And the most amazing part… he's got it ALL on tape. There's even an extensive collection of Getty images of him driving the looney bin bus to use for the blog thumbnail. He's like the Joe Exotic of pastors.

Now… Tony's still in church showing off his fresh house arrest ankle bracelet and talking about how having to hide at home in America is a crime, while actually committing the crime of breaking house arrest. Pretty impressive actually.

Something tells me Tony isn't going to stop unless you lock him up, and even if you do, he becomes a martyr at this point, so congrats to Pastor Tony Spell for his marketing genius, and utter disregard for public safety  that he's put on display for us all this April.

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