Start Your Week By Watching The Offspring Cover Joe Exotic's Smash Hit "Here Kitty Kitty"

Oh, you thought Aaron Gordon dropping a diss track about Dwyane Wade about a dunk contest score would be the craziest diss song music video you saw today? Welcome to 2020 motherfucker, where nothing makes sense and everything is upside down. If Dr. Strange used the time stone to figure out the odds of this picture making a lick of sense, I guarantee it would have been a bigger upset than 1:14,000,605.

But here we are. A song about a beef between weirdos with an affection for big cats and a hatred for each other being covered by The Offspring with masks on, a tiger suit, and a responsible amount of space between each other didn't even cause me to blink twice and not just because these guys have been preaching social distancing for years.

Get it, keep'em separated? Okay, that was my Dad Joke of the Week. Lets wage war against this Monday and embrace this completely fucked up timeline we are living in by rewatching some of the other gems these fine young men gave us back in the day during simpler times.