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Aaron Gordon Dropped A Dwyane Wade Diss Track In The Middle Of The Night Because He's Still Pissed About The Dunk Contest

I can't do anything but laugh at this. It's so outrageous but also kinda fire. The fact it starts with the '9 outta 10' lines and him sipping wine? Sheesh. The whole thing is absolutely outrageous it feels like a spoof song. It's autotuned as hell, he's making fun of Wade with his jacket and calling him out for all the shit he pulled. Also why the hell is it edited? We can't listen to Aaron Gordon say deez nuts for some reason? 

This all stems from the dunk contest - where Wade famously fucked Gordon over on an overtime ruling giving the title to Derrick Jones of the Heat. 

I appreciate that we get content like this because what the hell else is going on? Let's get into the song and some of the best lines - despite it being short. 

The name '9 outta 10' - is a solid 9. Just get right to the point and let everyone know you're still pissed at Wade for losing you the dunk contest. 

'Didn't know that's the code for you're about to get rolled' - again, the fact the premise of this song is all about a dunk contest is laugh out loud funny. But he's just straight up saying you told me to put on a show, I put on a show and you gave the title to a Heat. Decent line there. 

'Didn't get the trophy, but I got something to hold. Deez nuts' - It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense here, but if you drop deez nuts in a song, you're going to get a laugh out of me. That's just a promise. 

The Wade wine that he's sipping on is smart too. Just play into it all. Again, I can't stress how ridiculous this is stemming from a dunk contest but here we are. On Friday night, me, Clem, KFC and Tyler talked about the dunk contest. It's the one thing every year that everyone watches, complains about, but when it's awesome like this past one it's AWESOME. So I get wanting a trophy. 

Need a Wade response now. Need it. This tweet won't be enough