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Oregon Man Visits 11 Wendy's Across Two States In Pursuit of Free Nuggets

KATU — In tough economic times, nothing beats free. So when a man from the Portland metro area heard Wendy's was giving away free four-piece chicken nuggets Thursday, he was sure to take advantage of it. 

The man, who goes by "Skweezy," went to 11 Wendy's restaurants in the greater Portland and Vancouver area - twice. 

Skweezy had employees put the nuggets into a frying pan that he drove around with, so he could practice social distancing and do his best to stay six feet away from them.

I aspire to the dedication of Skweezy Jibbs. That's a man who knows what he wants and makes it happen. Nothing — and given the times in which this occurred, I feel confident in using that word literally — was getting in this man's way of 88 free Wendy's nuggets.

By my rough estimate, simply going to the Wendy's closest to his home and buying nine 10-count nuggets would have run him about $50 — this probably would have been my move if I was in the market for a few dozen nuggets. And I don't know what it cost him in gas and time to make 22 Wendy's stops across the Pacific Northwest, but I'm guessing it was in that range.

But that's what separates sheep like me from trailblazers like Skweezy. He could have taken the easy way out, but chose to do what he knew others wouldn't. He knows the beauty is in the chase. And those things undoubtedly taste better when they're free, regardless of the lengths to which he went to obtain them. Respect.