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Watch This Video On Carmen Electra After Carl's Video On Dennis Rodman But Before Part 3 Of The Last Dance

First things first, here is Carl's video about Dennis Rodman. Watch it, we'll wait for you.

Just an absolute Tour de Force of blogging from Carl and athleticism from Dennis Rodman. I remember hating the fuck out of Rodman during his Bulls days because he was a motherfucker on the court, like the time he tried to kill Patrick Ewing in cold blood at Madison Square Garden.

However, you had to respect a dude that was always seemed be making big plays on defense, on the boards, and on the most famous girls on the planet, with the peak being his marriage to Carmen Electra, who is the subject of my video for this blog:

There has been plenty of virtual ink, amongst other things, spilled on this site over who was the sexiest woman of the 90s. But I think Carmen has a legitimate chance to own the throne given her body of work and countless posters that ended up on dorm room walls. Did I sneak in a special bonus video full of those classic posters to combat the Sunday Scaries? You're goddamn right.

I would go into a spiel about those posters, but looking at the time, The Last Dance is about to begin. So I'll save that for tomorrow while asking you to check out Dante The Don's blog of The Worm's greatest hits if you have time before The Last Dance starts.