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Watch This Video On Dennis Rodman Before Part 3 Of The Last Dance

A lot of stuff we know about Dennis generally but never hurts to go through it in detail again before tonight's episode. Rumor mill is swirling (mostly from leaked episodes) and everyone says we're getting heavy Rodman tonight which is fucking awesome. That was one of the only knocks from parts 1 and 2 - minimal Dennis. Well it's coming tonight allegedly and I want everyone on board. 

Most telling in all this is Phil on record saying Dennis is the best athlete he ever coached. That would include Michael, Scottie, Derek Fisher and Kobe for anyone keeping track of Phil's 11 rings. So you do the math on what that says about Dennis because Phil doesn't bullshit you. At a solid 7'0 he's physically incapable of bullshitting anyone other than James Dolan out of $60 million. 

The most awe inspiring impressive thing about all this though is size. We're talking about a 6'7 forward thats universally the best rebounder of his generation. A hall of famer that went for double digits one season in his life and shot under 60% from the free throw line. Now take that and combine him being a massive distraction and ridiculous personality. All the stuff that makes owners and executives hate their players. Take his offensive ineptitude with his overwhelming negativities in the locker room and imagine how good he has to be at everything else to make it to the hall of fame. From that context it's kind of mind blowing how good you have to be and Dennis was every bit of it. 

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Then Eddie, Coley and I will be releasing a postgame show later tonight on Eddie's dog walk recapping the episode. Here's last week's with Trill

PS - LeBron sucks

PPS - More Rodman: