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Redskins Newest WR Antonio Gandy-Golden Is The Coolest, Most Interesting Dude Around

I don't want to talk crazy here but the more I watch AGG and read about him, the more I think he's a future 1200 yard/12 TD guy in this league. Maybe I am outside of my mind, but color me impressed. Dude is huge, catches everything, 

and oh yeah, can do a Rubik's Cube while doing an interview on SportsCenter.

But it doesn't end there. Guy is a gymnast, sheep farmer, and can bowl a perfect game.

If you Twitter search his name there are endless clips of him dominating at Liberty. I'm beyond impressed. I don't know how he fell to the Skins in the 4th round but I think he is a huge steal. Do the experts know more than me who has been watching clips of him for the last 30 minutes and have now crowned him? No. No they don't. The Gandy Man is going to make everyone who passed on him pay.