Trey Wingo Just Delivered The Worst Joke Of The Draft

Trey Wingo has done a really good job handling the hosting of the first ever virtual NFL Draft this entire weekend, but holy shit this draft tidbit he gave about Boise State DE Curtis Weaver got absolute crickets. 

To be fair the original joke was from Weaver himself but Wingo built up this bit to be a prank so funny that Jim Halpert would be put to shame and then it ended up being that this dude just told his mom he was Batman? 

Classic Trey. At least he and the other analysts who are expected to fake laugh their way through those can hide behind "connection issues" as to why they didn't respond to such a meaningless tidbit. 

That, or they've just been conditioned to only talking about someone who has a dead family member or mom has been battling a drug addiction.