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NBA Twitter Quarantine Debate: Redeem Team vs The Dream Team In A 7 Game Series....Who Ya Got?


You know the drill by now. Another day, another NBA Twitter Quarantine debate topic for us to pick a side. The last two we've done have been a real bitch to figure out

and while the Redeem Team vs Dream Team debate isn't exactly new, it is the perfect topic for a nice quarantine debate where both sides have as legit a case as any. One thing I've personally found is that whenever I do exercises like this people always want to discredit the older generation. Like on the PF pick em, far too many people were quick to eliminate Chuck while not realizing that outside of offense, he was a more well rounded player than Dirk, and even at his peak was just as devastating as a scorer. I don't blame them, they probably just didn't watch him play.

Which brings us to today's subjects. Hard to discredit the older era Dream Team when it's arguably the best collection of basketball talent ever assembled. Remember, this is the 2008 version of these players vs the 1992 version of the Dream Team. During their Olympics, the Dream Team were killing teams by an average of 43.8 points compared to a 27.7 average of the Redeem Team. In terms of the collection of talent? Not sure it gets better than the Dream Team, but does that mean they'd win in a 7 game series?


The Redeem Team most definitely has the edge when it comes to outside shooting. The Dream Team has the advantage in terms of big men without question. Playmakers are pretty much even, the Stockton/Magic and Kidd/Paul groupings is close, certainly the closest matchup between the two. Defensively, and this may sound crazy, but I think I'm going Redeem Team. I know Scottie Pippen is there, I know MJ is there, I see David Robinson. But here's the thing. If you tell me I get an engaged LeBron on defense paired with guys like Kobe, Tayshaun Prince, prime Dwight, CP3, Wade, I think they have a better chance of guarding the other team. Guys like Magic and Bird were at the tail end of their careers. I know Pippen is a massive defensive problem, but I think the 2008 has a better collection of defensive talent. 

Remember, we're talking a 7 game series. That matters. That's where I think the youth of the Redeem team ultimately has the edge. I think their style of play would wear down the Dream Team over a 7 game series too. They play way too fast. The Dream Team wants to slow it down and beat you in half court with their size. The Redeem team wants to run and thrive of their youth and athleticism. Plus the whole 3 > 2 thing. 

So for me, in a 7 game series I'm going Redeem Team 4-3. If they both were fresh and only had to play once, I'm going Dream Team. What say you?