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This Might Be The Hardest NBA Twitter Quarantine Question Yet

I think we found it. After weeks and weeks of different "pick em" or "build a team" NBA Twitter questions, I think this one right here might be the hardest one yet. These are arguably three of the most unstoppable duos the NBA has ever seen, all won multiple titles, everyone is basically an all time great, what an awesome yet terrible question because whoever you cut is going to be a big time snub. After going back and forth and then starting all over again, this is where I net out.

Start: Jordan/Pippen

Sure, maybe part of this is influenced by The Last Dance, but give me the GOAT and a top 50 player all time and one of the best if not the best two way wing ever. I feel good about starting a duo that never lost a Finals.

Bench: Magic/Kareem

I'm sure a lot of younger stoolies will cut these two, and that would be a tragic mistake. We're talking about what, two of the 5 or 6 greatest players ever? I also don't think we talk about Kareem enough when we talk about the most dominant players in the league. Just do yourself a favor and go to his Basketball Reference page. Only the all time leading scorer nbd. With Magic you get a dude who can play all five positions at a high level, is one of the best point guards ever, and is a winner everywhere he ever played.

Cut: Kobe/Shaq

Like I said, whoever got cut here was going to be a big time snub and I think cutting Prime Shaq and Prime Kobe qualifies but that's how the cookie crumbles. If you wanted to make it more about rings, they have the fewest of the bunch so there's that to consider as well. The other side of the argument would be you can't cut the other duo that went back to back to back, but for me personally both Magic/Kareem are higher on the all time list so that's my final answer.

So now I'll ask you. Time for you to be brave and answer this same question. What are your choices?